3 nights 

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Included in the package 

  • 15 min. doctor consultation 
  • 1x whole body cryotherapy
  • 2x oxygen therapy
  • 2x infu­sion therapy
  • 1x zelloon detox ritual
  • Daily, immune-stren­g­­thening treatments

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Therapies includes in the package



Even in anci­ent times, people knew about the health bene­fits of cold treat­ments. The Greek healer Hippo­cra­tes (460–377 BC) alre­ady repor­ted on this in his writings. This know­ledge was explo­red by Sebas­tian Kneipp (1821–1897). By self-expe­ri­­men­­ting with repea­ted water baths in the Danube, the German priest disco­vered the heal­ing power of cold water. But it was the Japa­nese Dr. Yamauchi who deve­lo­ped the idea of whole-body cryo­the­rapy as a treat­ment for rheu­ma­tic dise­a­ses in 1980. In the mean­time, many studies have proven beyond doubt that cold treat­ments have a posi­tive effect on the body. 

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zelloon kaeltetherapie

How does this therapy work?

Spen­ding time in the cold cham­ber promo­tes rela­xa­tion and enhan­ced vita­lity through the increased produc­tion of endor­phins, our ‘happi­ness hormones’.

Cryo­the­rapy also has a posi­tive influence on mental fitness (neuro­pla­s­ti­city) and sleep quality.

It has a posi­tive effect on our energy perfor­mance by rene­wing the power­hou­ses of our cell, the mitochondria. 

Fati­gue is redu­ced, mental balance is promo­ted, and the acti­vity level of the vege­ta­tive nervous system is balanced. 

Our immune system also bene­fits from the brief cold stimu­lus. Addi­tio­nally, the music selec­ted in the cold cham­ber enri­ches the rela­xa­tion experience.

Anal­ge­sic and anti-inflam­m­a­­tory bene­fits soon become appa­rent with regu­lar use.

The initial posi­tive effects of cold appli­ca­ti­ons are some­ti­mes noti­ceable even after the first treatment.


Interval oxygen training

Many dise­a­ses asso­cia­ted with today’s life­style result in fati­gue and exhaus­tion. In many cases, this is due to the deple­tion of our energy reser­ves which, if prolon­ged, can lead to illness. This therapy is based on the posi­tive effects of the alter­na­ting under- and over-supply of oxygen (hypoxia/hyperoxia). By simu­la­ting alti­tude trai­ning for 45 minu­tes, our cell orga­nel­les are forced to adapt. Thanks to the ongo­ing and precise moni­to­ring of the heart rate, the oxygen partial pres­sure and the breathing rate, this appli­ca­tion is very safe. 

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zelloon sauerstofftraining

How does this therapy work?

Inter­val oxygen trai­ning increa­ses resi­li­ence while impro­ving stress tole­rance and streng­thening the immune system. In addi­tion, the regu­la­tory capa­city of the auto­no­mic nervous system is impro­ved. This therapy also lets us observe the new forma­tion and increased perfor­mance of mito­chon­dria, an important part of the cell. 


Orthomolecular therapy

The way we live and what we eat in our daily lives has led to a situa­tion where a balan­ced diet with a supply of all the neces­sary micro­nu­tri­ents and vitamins is no longer a matter of course. The conse­quen­ces are meta­bo­lic disor­ders, defi­ci­en­cies and resul­ting dise­a­ses. During a medi­cal consul­ta­tion, we deve­lop an infu­sion therapy indi­vi­du­ally tail­o­red to your needs and help stimu­late your immune system. 

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zelloon orthomolekulare therapie

How does this therapy work?

Ortho­mole­cu­lar therapy enables highly effec­tive doses of essen­tial vitamins, amino acids, micro­nu­tri­ents and trace elements to be admi­nis­te­red directly into the blood system through infu­si­ons. The ingre­di­ents have an immune streng­thening and deto­xi­fy­ing effect, enhan­cing vita­lity imme­dia­tely. Micro­cir­cu­la­tion is impro­ved and your acid-base balance is regulated. 

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