The zelloon well-being concept focu­ses on streng­thening your health and the joy you find in life. We want to encou­rage you to nurture both throug­hout your life. In the first step, we work towards exclu­ding or reco­g­nis­ing possi­ble health disor­ders. To this end, we use a combi­na­tion of well-foun­­ded conven­tio­nal medi­cine combi­ned with comple­men­tary func­tional medi­cine. In the second step, we focus on your ability to regu­late and rege­ne­rate in ever­y­day life. It is about empowe­ring you to put into prac­tice what streng­thens your health, what is essen­tial for you and what is good for you. This includes elements such as nutri­tion, move­ment, sleep, inter­ac­tion with nature, stress regu­la­tion, indi­vi­dual ritu­als and appli­ca­ti­ons. We are happy to support you on your perso­nal jour­ney to impro­ved health and vitality.