After a rest­less night with sleep inter­rup­ti­ons, we feel simply exhaus­ted. Who hasn’t expe­ri­en­ced this? A drop in perfor­mance, impai­red concen­tra­tion and memory, increased irri­ta­bi­lity, rest­less­ness, rapid exhaus­tion during the day, increased blood pres­sure and a faster heart­beat are all fami­liar symptoms. If the lack of sleep beco­mes chro­nic, it has a lasting effect on our health. Life is no longer joyful. 

In the first step, we take a holi­stic approach and look for the causes, which can be physi­cal, psycho­lo­gi­cal or a lack of micro­nu­tri­ents. Analy­ti­cal sleep measu­re­ment which records sleep phases, ECG and blood pres­sure, oxygen satu­ra­tion and pulse acti­vity, breathing rate, etc. complete the spec­trum of the examination. 

All our suites have been furnis­hed with The Samina Sleep System (Power Slee­ping Rooms), which has been crea­ted accor­ding to the highest stan­dards of buil­ding biology. The system can contri­bute to a more rege­ne­ra­tive sleep in combi­na­tion with balan­cing nutri­ent defi­cits and indi­vi­dual life­style coaching.