Our modern way of life, with a predo­mi­nantly unba­lan­ced diet, lack of exer­cise, high stress levels and insuf­fi­ci­ent rege­ne­ra­tive phases, throws our meta­bo­lism out of balance. The body reacts to this with “silent inflamm­a­tory proces­ses”, which lead to nume­rous issues in our complex meta­bo­lic system. With various analy­ses such as Bioelec­tri­cal impe­dance analy­sis and the measu­re­ment of inflamm­a­tion values, we receive decisive indi­ca­ti­ons in order to effec­tively plan your indi­vi­dual measu­res toge­ther with you. Nutri­tion, exer­cise and stress regu­la­tion in combi­na­tion with medi­cal fine-tuning are decisive balan­cing fields. 

When being over­weight is a burden
Obesity is a multi-dimen­­sio­nal pheno­me­non with many causes and mani­fes­ta­ti­ons. Highly proces­sed food and modern life­styles, toge­ther with increased stress and an incre­asingly chan­ged envi­ron­ment, are all factors for silent inflamm­a­tion. The resul­ting meta­bo­lic disor­ders lead to a variety of patho­lo­gies. If left untrea­ted, obesity can cause chro­nic dise­ase and be a heavy burden on our entire bodies in the long term. 

With our multi-profes­­sio­nal approach, we can help you reach your healthy target weight your way and begin the jour­ney towards a healthy life­style. We start with a thorough initial medi­cal exami­na­tion with a clas­si­cal and holi­stic approach, comple­men­tary labo­ra­tory analy­ses and sustainable nutri­tio­nal advice. Toge­ther we create your perso­nal therapy plan that includes nutri­tion, exer­cise and life­style coaching that you can take home with you.