Feeling power­less over a longer period of time, combi­ned with sleep distur­ban­ces or lack of concen­tra­tion, are sure alarm signs that exhaus­tion or burn­out is immi­nent. Those affec­ted often try to compen­sate with even more acti­vity and work. What do you do if this state of exhaus­tion does not stop at all? What do you do if exhaus­tion beco­mes chronic? 

We show you ways out of this stressful vicious circle through well-foun­­ded exami­na­ti­ons combi­ned with an indi­vi­dual treat­ment concept. The measu­re­ment of stress hormo­nes, the degree of func­tion of our cells’ power­hou­ses (mito­chon­dria), an analy­sis of the auto­no­mic nervous system (HRV measu­re­ment), an indi­vi­dual sleep moni­to­ring if neces­sary as well as the exami­na­tion of micro­nu­tri­ents and vitamins provide us with the basis for a holi­stic tailor-made therapy concept. 

Support­ive life­style coaching helps you to test this newly gained know­ledge and inte­grate it into ever­y­day life.