Our ability to survive depends on how well this barrier func­tions. Some­ti­mes, howe­ver, our system goes into “over­drive”.

In this case, the immune system reacts to the body’s own tissue instead of defen­ding itself against foreign subs­tances only. The result is chro­nic dise­ase, asso­cia­ted with a high degree of suffe­ring and lifel­ong medi­ca­tion such as corti­sone or simi­lar substances. 

Among the 80 to 100 known auto­im­mune dise­a­ses with diffe­rent symptoms, issues in the intesti­nal tract are predo­mi­nant. Diagno­sti­cally, we can deter­mine speci­fic labo­ra­tory para­me­ters, analyse your intesti­nal health and dietary habits and offer valuable support based on the results. 

The aim of func­tional medi­cine is to find the causes, restore immu­no­lo­gi­cal balance and increase well-being.

Reco­g­nis­ing and successfully trea­ting allergies
Aller­gies are the result of a tole­rance disor­der of our immune system. The reco­gni­tion of foreign and own subs­tances requi­res an intact balance between attack and non-reac­­tion. If this balance is distur­bed, an over­re­ac­tion occurs, and an allergy deve­lops. Often, the skin and the intesti­nes are the first to react to certain subs­tances that may be contai­ned in food or skin­care products. But other organ systems can also be affec­ted and trig­ger an auto­im­mune dise­ase. Aller­gies can also lead to a perma­nent reduc­tion in quality of life. We use scien­ti­fic methods to get to the bottom of the causes and trig­gers and help you find your perso­nal escape from aller­gies and restore your immune balance.